ARP Games – Video Games Development Education System in Poland


Company: ARP Games
Lecturer: Remigiusz Kopoczek
Date: 27-28.10.2018
Place: The Communication University of China (CUC)

The lecture will focus on methods and the educational system dedicated for students who aim to acquire competences necessary to enter the video games development industry. It will cover issues related to university admission methods on different specialities and general education programs. The lecture will also contain information about additional and optional classes, events, and other accompanying activities students can partake in during the course, as well as methods cooperation with domestic and foreign companies. Everything about ARP Games .

Gry_02_ARP_Kopoczek Remigiusz

Remigiusz Kopoczek

Remigiusz Kopoczek, PhD. President of the Board in ARP Games ltd. – video games accelerator. Assistant Proffesor at University of Silesia/ Faculty of Arts. Co-creator of the first Polish video games course for BA and MA degrees. Laurate of the Prize of Ministry of Science in Poland for the best program of BA video games course.