Squadron 303

Based on the novel by Arkady Fiedler “Squadron 303”. In this reportage with elements of fiction, published during World War II, the author focuses on...
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Cold War

Director Paweł Pawlikowski decided to revive a forgotten genre in contemporary European cinema – the melodrama. He portrayed a story of a great, tragic love...
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Loving Vincent

The story of Vincent van Gogh is shown through the point of view of his immediate surroundings, which gives “Loving Vincent” a narrative structure resembling...
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Promised Land

In his Oscar nominated film, Andrzej Wajda took to the screen with a novel by Władysław Reymont about the birth of the textile industry in...
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Three Colours: White

The second part of the trilogy “Three Colours”, referencing the colours of the French flag. In these works, Kieslowski portrayed what freedom, equality and brotherly...
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How to Be Loved

An adaptation of the novel by Kazimierz Brandys, in which the war is only a background to describing the fate of a disastrous, unfulfilled love....
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