Festival screenings of Polish films

2018 was a superb year for Polish cinema, with filmmakers bringing home awards from the most important international film festivals in Cannes and Berlin. Three Polish films nominated for the European Film Award.
The program of the third edition of the Polish Circles of Art Festival in China reflects the diversity of Polish cinematography, showcasing both its contemporary accomplishments as well as established classical works, this year including documentaries and animations.

Classic Polish films and documentaries

Chinese audiences will see yet another work of one of the greatest masters of Polish cinema, Andrzej Wajda – “The Promised Land”. The work of another representative of the Polish Film School, Wojciech Jerzy Has, will be showcased for the first time – “How to be loved”. Viewers will once again have a chance to see the artistic work of Krzysztof Kieślowski. This time it will be his later works, following his stay in France. “The Double Life of Véronique” and “White (the second work in the “Three Colors” triptych). Also screened will be his documentary works – “From the Point of View of the Night Porter” and “Hospital”.


Biggest films of the season

Paweł Pawlikowski, the author of the Oscar winning film “Ida”, confirmed his directing mastery in his newest film “Cold War”, for which he won Best Director at this year’s Cannes Film Festival. “Cold War” is the Polish submission in this year’s Oscars competition. The film “Squadron 303” brings to light the less known stories of Polish pilots, who played an important part in the Battle of Britain during the II World War, while “Loving Vincent”, made entirely in the painted animation technique, resonates with the historic, international recognition for the so-called Polish School of Animation.


Polish School of Animation

Polish animated film after 1945 was – alongside movies by Wajda and Kieślowski – one of the most recognized instances of Polish culture, winning awards at international festivals around the world. The collection presented during the Circles of Art Festival familiarizes viewers with the most important artists and groundbreaking work. From Jan Lenica, a pioneer in the animation art form, to the first Polish Oscar for an animated film, up to contemporary computer generated images.

The festival will begin with a formal screening of the film “Squadron 303” in the China Film Archive in Beijing, with special guest appearance by Maciej Zakościelny, who played one of the lead roles.


Film screenings program.