Glorious Hunan enchanted Polish audiences

It was an incredibly vivid and inspiring event. On September 12th in the Polish Theatre (Teatr Polski) in Warsaw we experienced the intriguing culture of the Chinese province of Hunan. The audience was impressed by the spectacle “Glorious Hunan blooms in Poland” and dazzled by the diversity of handmade items displayed at the “Enchanted Hunan” exhibition.
The idea of the event was to familiarise the culture and tradition of the picturesque Hunan province to the Polish viewer. The spectacle itself consisted of numerous art forms – both musical and theatrical. We listened to a gem of Chinese folk music performed on traditional instruments, we saw a traditional shadow play and learned about the history of the mythical monkey king Sun WuKong. The unique performance of “face changing”, executed with near perfection, was enthusiastically received. Actors interacted with the audience, with each spectacle baring different emotions.
There was no shortage of Polish themes. Actors from the Hunan province invited two Polish actresses for a collaboration, while the duo of Anna Krysztofiak and Liu Qing was met with an enthusiastic applause. Together, they performed the song “Liuyang River”. Moreover, the musical motive from the movie “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” was performed by the province artists’ on traditional instruments, accompanied by the pianist Elżbieta Mackoś-Gorayska.
The event took place with the support of the Chinese Embassy in Poland, the Department of Culture in the Hunan Province in collaboration with the Circles of Art Foundation and the Chinese-Polish Foundation for Communication and Development. “The Glorious Hunan blooms in Poland” was organised as part of the Non-material Cultural Heritage Week.