Information about the exhibition

Curator: Wojciech Majewski
Date: start at 25th october 2018
Venue: China Film Archive, Beijing

The film poster stopped being just one more element promoting a film. Today, it’s an independent medium by means of which the artist expresses his personal style and delivers a spot-on, acute message.
We have the privilege of inviting you to an exhibition of film posters designed by PhD Sebastian Kubica, which will be shown during the 3rd edition of the Polish Circles of Art in China Festival.

PhD Sebastian Kubican is an artist and scholar, fluent both in graphic design, drawing and illustration. He is head of an authorial poster and illustration workshop, an author of dozens of individual exhibitions and a participant of several hundreds of collected exhibitions, as well as a jury member of art contests in Poland and abroad. He lectures and conducts workshops for students in graphic design at universities in Poland and around the world. He has been a member of the AGI since 2015.

The works presented during this year’s edition of the festival are posters of dozens of Polish and international films. The exhibition is a unique opportunity to look at familiar films through the eyes of the artist, who in his work, with his perspective and sense of humour, shows what’s most relevant in the film in an incisive way. Kubica is one of the most interesting Polish poster artists. He’s not intimidated to use surrealist symbolism, as well as texture and minimalism. Viewers will be able to find all the characteristic traits of his style in the works presented during our exhibition.
More works of Sebastian Kubica: http://sebastiankubica.pl/pl/strona-glowna/