Squadron 303


Director: Denis Delić
Country/Year: Poland, 2018
Duration: 99’

Based on the novel by Arkady Fiedler “Squadron 303”. In this reportage with elements of fiction, published during World War II, the author focuses on Polish pilots in the Battle of Britain. Polish forces within the Royal Air Force contributed to stopping the Luftwaffe aerial warfare branch. The purpose of the book was to uphold national morale and the spirit of combat, which is why the piece is not short of superb descriptions of sky-line combat. Authors of the film took a similar approach in depicting these clashes, overlapping them with scenes in the Blackpool air base. With their bravery, Polish pilots quickly gain the respect of their RAF superiors and British locals, as well as the hearts of women, returning intact from all their aerial evolutions. The film falls into the category of patriotic cinema and in the centennial of Polish independence, remembers the commitment of soldiers who Winston Churchill addressed as follows: “Never have so many owed so much to so few”.

About the director:

Denis Delić – born in Zagreb in 1966, he is an art history graduate of Cologne University and a graduate director of the Polish Film School in Łódź. He debuted with the film “Ja wam pokażę!/I’ll show you” (2006), an adaptation of one of the most popular novels by Katarzyna Grochola. He later directed a series under the same title. The romantic comedy was a blockbuster hit and this time, Delić decided to take on the war film genre.
Most important films:

  • 2006 „I’ll Show You!”
  • 2006 „Doubles” (director collaboration)
  • 2007 „Ryś” (director collaboration)
  • 2018” Squadron 303”

Author: Mikołaj Góralik
Translation to English: Katarzyna Matej