Polish student wins at Chinese Aniwow!

Ania Kowalczyk, a 4th year student of graphic design at the University of Silesia, won the main prize in the “Game design” category at the Aniwow! festival in Beijing.
In 2017 Ania Kowalczyk, together with Agnieszka Wlazły, a student in the sound and music in computer games department, began working on the “Weakless” project, which was supported by the ARP Games accelerator.
“Weakless” is an adventure game about the journey of two characters – Blind and Deaf, who have to cooperate to overcome obstacles they encounter on their way down to the great Tree. The game was showcased at numerous national and international industry events, including the biggest game electronic entertainment market gamescom.
In the project, Ania is responsible for the visual side, shaping the world and the creatures that inhabit it. Her work was credited at the Aniwow! festival in Beijing, where “Weakless” won the main prize in the “Game design” category.
“It’s wonderful” – said Ania about the award – “When we were starting to think about the project, we didn’t expect it would go this far. Where we are now is the result of our entire team and it’s really motivating for us when someone appreciates our work”.
“Weakless” is currently being developed thanks to the cooperation between two companies started under ARP Games – Punk Notion and Cubeish Games, created by the two girls.
The Aniwow! animation festival has been taking place since 2006 and has gained a great reputation in China. Thanks to the cooperation with the Polish Circles of Art in China Festival, in this year’s Aniwow!, two days were dedicated to presentations of the Polish video games industry.