Concerts by the “Circles of Art Orchestra”

The Circles of Art Jazzband played its premiere concert for the Circles of Art in China Festival at the beginning of November in Changsha and Kunming.

Head of the group is composer and Polish jazz scene visionary Wojciech Konikiewicz, who invited the elite of Polish jazz musicians for the project. The band are: Marcin Lamch (double bass, bass guitar), Grzegorz Masłowski (percussion), Cyprian Baszyński (trumpet) and Maciej Kądziela (saxophone). The group was created through the initiative of festival founder Wojciech Majewski. For more information about the band members go to: https://kregisztuki.com/en/circle-of-arts-orchestra/.

The Circles of Art Orchestra had its debut on November 7 with a performance at the Changsha Music Hall in the Hunan province: https://kregisztuki.com/en/circles-of-art-orchestra-concert-in-changsha-7-11-2018/. The concert was live streamed and had over 60 thousand viewers. Other performances took place on November 10 at the Yunnan Arts University in Kunming and on November 12 at the Yue Space in Beijing.

– The concert tour had a great atmosphere and audience reception – said Wojciech Konikiewicz – This is my second “tour” in China for the Circles of Art Festival and probably not the last. The broad formula of this event and its universal nature allow for the undertaking of unique projects. It was no different this time, when we had the opportunity to show a diverse program, consisting both of my compositions, but also of Polish and Chinese folk themes in my arrangements. A quintet made up of several generations of prominent Polish jazz musicians turned out to be the optimal solution – he added.

The artists also held jazz workshops organized during the Festival. They shared their knowledge with students from the Hunan Normal University in Changsha and the Yunnan Arts University in Kunming.